Silver NNAS Training & Assessment

10/10/2020 - 11/10/2020

Woodyhyde Campsite

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Silver Navigator Award
Training & Assessment

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Aim: To be able to plan and follow routes in the countryside navigating away from handrail features for short distances.

Event Director

Glenn Gavin - 164953

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Tutor Award


Course Requirements: This course is an intermediate course aimed at those that are familiar with maps but would like to develop their skills further. The NNAS Silver award is a National standard recognised by Mountain Training. It follows on from the hugely popular Bronze award by introducing compass bearings and map contours. Although we recommend that you have completed the NNAS Bronze prior to this course, it is not a requirement and will depend on your previous experience.

During your course you will learn how to:

  • Relate small hills, small valleys, prominent re-entrants and prominent spurs to their corresponding map contours.
  • Use prominent hills, ridges, spurs and valleys as a means of navigation in good visibility.
  • Use landforms and point features to orientate the map and as collecting and catching features.
  • Use a compass to: Accurately follow a bearing; aim off; check the direction of handrails and other linear features.
  • Deviate briefly from a compass bearing to avoid obstacles or difficult terrain and accurately regain the original line.
  • Use back bearings to check route following accuracy.
  • Measure distance on the ground in varied, open terrain using timing and pacing and make practical allowances for any discrepancies.
  • Simplify legs using coarse navigation, attack points and fine navigation.
  • Recognise dangerous or difficult terrain on map and ground.
  • Plan and implement navigational strategies based on the above skills.
  • Maintain route finding accuracy in poor visibility or darkness.
  • Recognise a navigation error within a few minutes and apply appropriate relocation techniques.
  • Understand how personal fitness and nature of terrain affect route choice both at the planning stage and on the ground.
  • Understand the potential consequences of fatigue and physical discomfort in demanding terrain and/or extreme weather conditions.
  • Select appropriate clothing, equipment and first aid items for walking in open country in all weather conditions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Countryside Code, current access legislation and the environmental impact of walkers on the countryside.
  • Understand the responsibilities of walkers towards other countryside interests such as farming, forestry and conservation.

This is a twelve hour course held over two six hour days which includes the assessment on day two.

In addition to the course you will upon completion, be invited, free of charge, to additional day walks together with other NNAS participants where you will be able to enhance your skills, share experiences and develop new friendships.

The provider is FULLY insured for outdoor activities and has a current outdoor first aid certificate. We are also licensed by AALA to provide outdoor activities with young people in mountainous environments in the UK.

Whilst the incidence of Covid 19 infections within the population appears to be reducing there is still no room for complacency. If you have displayed symptoms of Covid 19 ( in the fourteen days prior to the start date of the event then please STAY AWAY. If you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid 19 less than 14 days prior to the event, please STAY AWAY.

During the event you will be expected to adopt higher than usual standards of hygiene. We should assume that there will be no toilet or bathroom facilities when we are out walking. Please ensure that you have your own hand sanitising gel, and use it frequently. We will observe the latest government advice regarding social distancing throughout the event and it will be the responsibility of the whole group to monitor this.

We will provide maps and compasses and any other equipment that we feel will add to your enjoyment of the event.The event will go ahead regardless of the weather so please ensure that you bring a waterproof jacket and ideally waterproof trousers, a day sack with suficient food/snacks and drinks for the day. You should also bring with you a warm hat, scarf and gloves. Please wear walking boots or shoes - trainers would be unsuitable. The area we will be working in is a haven for wildlife so if you have them you might want to bring your binoculars and a camera. You may also find a notepad and pen useful. You will be given a map and compass at the start of each day. It will have been cleansed with sanitising gel beforehand. Please ensure they are cleaned before you return hem at the end of day 2.

Unless government guidelines change, I do not recommend the wearing of masks or rubber gloves during any of my events.

If as a result of you being unable to attend the event because of your symptoms or those of others you have been in contact with, or if the event has to be cancelled due to changes in lockdown rules, any fee paid will be either returned to you immediately or with your agreement will be retained until such time as you are able to attend a course.

 you bring waterproof jacket and trousers if you have them. Wear walking boots or shoes - trainers would be unsuitable. Bring snacks for the day and sufficient drinks although we will be close to a number of food outlets if needed. The area we will be working in is a haven for wildlife so if you have them you might want to bring your binoculars. You may also find a notepad and pen useful.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the event, or if you wish to pay by direct/electronic banking please call/text/whatsapp Glenn on 07801 852319.

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10/10/2020 09:00
11/10/2020 17:00
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Woodyhyde Campsite
Corfe Castle
BH20 5HT
United KingdomEngland


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